Rockford city leaders reach a settlement with a police officer who was fired after the controversial and deadly shooting of Mark Barmore.

The city will pay Oda Poole $700,000 in workers compensation over the next four years.  He’ll also be covered under the city’s health insurance for the next decade.

However, Poole won’t be allowed on patrol ever again.  He’ll return to active duty temporarily, only so that he can retire with the department in good standing.

This all stems from the deadly 2009 shooting of Mark Barmore.  Poole and another officer chased him into a Rockford church daycare and shot him.  Poole was fired in 2011, but was reinstated two years later after an arbitrator determined he was wrongfully terminated.

He has been on administrative duty ever since.  The terms of the settlement must still be approved by the arbitrator, as well as the Workers Compensation Commission.