Rockford Sikhs Celebrate “Religious Tolerance Day”


Members of the Sikh religion are celebrating the life of a man they say sacrificed himself for religious freedom.

Rockford’s Sikh Temple takes part in what’s called “Religious Tolerance Day”. Those of the Sikh faith honoring the religion’s 9th prophet, Guru Tegh Bahadur.

They say he traveled to spread a message of religious freedom during a time when many Hindus were being forced to convert to Islam. He was eventually captured and killed for his beliefs.

The president of Rockford’s Sikh Temple says it’s important to appreciate Tegh Bahadur’s sacrifice.

“He sacrificed himself for religious tolerance, for another faith, in 1675,” explained the President of Rockford’s Sikh Temple, Babaji. “This is very important in these days to learn. That’s why we are celebrating.”

Hindus also honor Tegh Bahadur on this day.

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