Rockford summer camps add material to help kids catch up on missed school lessons


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Some popular Forest City summer camps will have something extra this year.

The Rockford Park District is partnering with local educators to incorporate curriculum kids might have missed during online school into days at camp. Many students have struggled this past year with many classes going virtual.

But there is a new way for your child to get out and get active this summer while catching up on anything they may have missed academically.

“All we need is you who are watching to step up and say you want to be part of this,” said Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara.

Live, Learn, Play. A new educational program is designed to help local students learn at Rockford Park District summer camps. Alignment Rockford executive director Anisha Grimmett says this can help anyone who has struggled the past year get a little boost.

“What this is really about is meeting the kids where they’re going to be. We know that kids are going to be employed this summer. We know that kids are going to be with the Park District Programs and other activities. Let’s bring the learning to where they are and help them get back on track,” Grimmett explained.

RPS will hire teachers to work at the park district’s summer camps. Rockford Park District executive director Jay Sandine says they always knew there was a way to integrate education into park district programs.

“Imagine an NFL Flag football coach at the end of practice sayin’, ‘kids, I want you to read this chapter on Walter Payton. I want you to learn about him and next practice let’s come back and talk about him.’ We know that the kids aren’t just going to read that one chapter, they’re going to read that whole book because they love football,” said Sandine.

Grimmett tells parents this is a great way for kids to learn something new and have fun at the same time.

“Taking math up a bit, taking academics up a bit, but, you know, instilling fun in that as well. Learning is everywhere, it’s not just in the classroom, and we want to showcase that and highlight that in our summer activities,” she added.

The camps are broken down by grade level and includes everything from learning about water at Rock Cut to robotics and coding.

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