The Rockford Police Department is first in the state in DUI arrests.

That’s among municipal departments. The Rockford Police Department made 459 in 2016. The department has consistently ranked within the top eight departments in Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists’s (AAIM) survey since 2007. 

“Impaired driving has been and will remain a high priority for the Rockford Police Department,” said Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea. “We are proud to consistently be one of the top agencies for combating DUI and will continue to strive to make our roadways safer by arresting those who choose to drive intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.”

O’Shea’s former employer, the Elgin Police Department, saw the biggest increase in DUI arrests in 2016.

Because of its size, Chicago is excluded from the rankings as it is in its own category

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