Rockford welcomes first babies born in 2019, born one minute apart


Weighing in at 7 pounds and four-and-a-half ounces, Quetzaly (derived from the Aztec word meaning “beautiful bird”) was the first baby born in a Rockford in 2019.

She arrived at 2:18 a.m. Tuesday morning at SwedishAmerican Hospital.

“The meaning of her name, meaning she’s going to be a strong woman, I think that it brings forth that she will be able to grow up and be a strong woman, hopefully,” said Ashley Kramer, R.N.

Quetzaly faced some competition this morning, beating Baby Elliot, over at Mercyhealth, into the world by a mere 60 seconds.

“It was a special day, regardless, because it was his birthday,” said Elliot’s mom. “Then we realized his birthday is January 1st. That’s really cool.”

Even though Elliot was the second baby delivered in Rockford this morning, his timing was impeccable.

“He was born at 2:19 in 2019,” his mom said.

Both Elliot and Quetzaly, like many other people in Rockford today, are sleeping off last night’s events.

“She is very quiet, very cooperative,” Kramer said of Quetzaly. “It could be that she is still sleepy, but at the same time, I think that her mom is very caring and loving.”

Elliot’s birth also has a special meaning to the Mercyhealth staff, possibly to be the last baby to be born at the Rockton Avenue hospital prior to the hospital’s move to the new Riverside campus.

One retiring nurse told Elliot’s mom how his birth has made her 19 year career come full circle.

“This was her last baby and it was her first New Year’s baby, and she said she will always remember Elliot, because that’s something to remember,” Elliot’s mom recalled. “She’s been here 19 years and never had a New Year’s baby.”

Elliot’s mom and dad both work at Mercyhealth, she being a nurse and he a security guard.

As for Quetzaly: her mom and dad are looking forward to taking her home first thing Wednesday morning.

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