Rockford woman petitions for more street lights after her husband was fatally struck by a car


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A woman wants more street lights in the area where her husband was killed. A car struck the man on South Alpine Road on April 2nd.

She created a petition in hopes of making a change. We spoke with her today.

Nearly 1,000 people have signed the petition so far. Bianca Pickett says she met her husband when she was 14. Losing him has been the hardest thing she’s ever dealt with.

She never noticed how dangerous it could be– crossing the street — heading to the gym.

“I think he was just comfortable, and he didn’t think that would happen,” said Pickett.

Justin Pickett walked to Planet Fitness on South Alpine Road almost every day. His wife Bianca says the gym is right across the street from their home.

“He had a routine where he’d go to work, and he would go to the gym,” said Pickett. “It was kind of routine for us, so I always expected it.”

What she never expected was a driver not being able to see Justin crossing the road at night until it was too late.

“It did surprise me that she stated that in the police report, because I didn’t know until yesterday, that it was dark, and she didn’t have time to press her brakes,” she explained. “We did a candle and a balloon release, and I noticed that night that it was really dark and really dangerous. I never really pay attention because I never really crossed that street before.”

When driving from the intersection of South Alpine Road and Beach Street to Cleveland Avenue, only three street lights are counted.

“I never paid attention before. I never even noticed the lights and now that it’s me and my family are going through it I feel like something has to be done.”

Bianca thinks if there were more streetlights, Justin might still be here. So she started a petition to gain the city’s attention, hoping to bring light not only to a tragic incident–but the area.

“I’m getting a lot of support from my neighborhood,” she explained. “It just shows me, he passed away, but at least we can make a difference for the neighborhood, for the kids, make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

We reached out to the city about this petition but have yet to hear back. Click here to sign.

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