Rockford women honor the Peaches’ legacy at Midway Village


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) – -The warm weather Candice told us about made Sunday a great day to get outside and play ball! The Rockford Peaches took on a tough competitor Sunday.

With COVID restrictions loosening, players say they were excited to go out and hit the ball around the field.

It would have been easy for us to sort of fade away but we didn’t want that to happen so this is our first time playing since the pandemic hit us,” said Rebecca Tulloch, the Peaches’ team captain.

Tulloch says after a year of no baseball, she was ready to play at Midway Village.

“[The Peaches] got to play everything from softball all the way to baseball during their time and during world war two they were actually very very popular so they were absolutely blazing a trail for women in sports,” Tulloch explained.

“The Peaches were the hometown team. Everybody felt like they owned the team so it was great support for the community. The peaches lived in the community. Many of them stayed in the community after their baseball careers were over and became the backbone of our community,” said Caitlin Treece, an educator at Midway Village.

Treece says the Peaches paved the way for women in sports.

“In the 90s, we had A League of Their Own come out and that brought it back to little girls my age and that was one of the movies I remember seeing in the theater. And so it has a huge legacy from women in sports and we all remember there is no crying in baseball,” Treece said.

Both Tulloch and Treece say the Peaches built a legacy.

“It has a huge impact on how women feel about the ability to really make a change how people perceived women in professional sports,” added Treece.

If you are interested in becoming a Peach, click here.

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