ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The West Side of Rockford used to packed with thousands going to the waterfront on Labor Day weekend, but that ended 10 years ago.

However, a West Side church is now trying to bring some of that fun back with an event called “Park Fest.”

“People are coming out today because they want to see Pastor Recee get dunked,” said Pastor Recee Hill of Park Church.

That might not be the only reason, but Hill is not afraid to get a little wet in the name of the community.

“We’re here for the community to make an impact, to strengthen our community, to come together and just have a day of fun and entertainment,” Hill said.

The church, 801 Concord Ave., had everything from pony rides and a petting zoo to food trucks, bouncy houses and 3-3 basketball. Trinity Green came for the basketball, but was surprised to see so many other activities.

“It’s something different, and not a lot of churches do a lot of things like this to bring the community together,” Green said.

Hill said that it is the biggest festival on the West Side, and that something like this has been badly needed since “On the Waterfront” ended a decade ago.

“We don’t have carnivals, we don’t have On the Waterfront, so this is a way the community can come out and enjoy some entertainment and festivities,” Hill said.

The vent wrapped up at 6 p.m.