ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford East High School’s Class of 1947 had their 75th class reunion yesterday, calling it the “75th Diamond Jubilee.”

“I think it’s remarkable that we can have this many here at 75, because that means we are all well into our 90s,” said Dorothoy Voss-Baits, Rockford East Class of 1947.

Voss-Baits has been to every class reunion, and everyone dressed up in glitz and glamor Saturday in honor of 75 years of coming together.

“I was a swimmer and a swimming person is here, I was a debater and a fellow debater is here, someone is here from my grade school, so there is many connections all through my education that are here today,” she said.

Sue Smith graduated with Voss-Baits, and they were even on the debate team together. She said she loves that, even in their 90s, people were able to come and celebrate.

“I’m most excited that people actually came,” Smith said. “We are approximately ten, as I have counted ten people who were able to make it.”

There were 416 people in the 1947 graduating class. Smith said that it was a special time to talk about all the fun they had in high school and what is happening in each others’ lives now. The biggest lesson they learned is to cherish the moment.

“Talking with each other and being a part of a group that has been together for so many years, that’s very special,” Smith said.

Both Smith and Voss-Baits said that this will be the last class reunion, but not the last time they will see each other.

“Fun to go out with a splash on our, something that’s important like 75, and anyhow, it’s been, I’ve enjoyed them all,” Voss-Baits said.