ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford’s Community Relations Commission set out a task to work on youth violence prevention within Rockford’s public schools.

“Well, there were some things that were concerning to the mayor. this year particularly with so much violence and activity at public schools,” said William Martin one of the commission’s board members.

Mayor Tom McNamara gave the department members a few tasks to pay attention to in 2023. One of those is youth violence prevention.

“The mayor has asked us to specifically look at ways that RPS 205 and the City of Rockford, and programs within the Rockford community could collaborate together,” said Todd Burton the commission’s chairman.

There volunteer, the appointed group will have a month to make a plan on how they want to tackle the issue.

“Our Chairman just spoke of February. So we are looking at the start of February looking to conclude June with a report and recommendations to the city,” Martin said.

All ideas will be built upon what was started last year.

“Basically, leap fogging off what the mayor did. This year the mayor wanted some community stakeholders to be at bus stops. Just kind of maintain safety and security in certain areas of our city. Moving forward I believe we’ll do more discussion here and bring other stakeholders to the table to discuss some programming,” Martin said.

Members say that it is critical they work with RPS 205 and other stakeholders.

“Well, with so much that’s going on in our city and even around the country, I think it’s something that’s very important and vital for our city. Particularly when it comes down to our youth. Both elementary all the way up to our high school ages. It’s something that we went to deal with last year, and now we are going to deal with it in the year to come,” Martin said.