ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Rockford-area housing market hit record numbers for the month of June.

Realtors said that it is a seller’s market right now, and that the June price went up 6.2% from last year. The highest price point on record is $187 thousand.

“So this is my first home purchase, and I did not realize all of the idiosyncrasies that come along with trying to find a house, and all of the necessary due diligence you need as far as getting pre-approval,” said new home owner Matt Becker.

Becker and his wife Taylor have lived in Rockford for 15 years, and they now see the need for more space for their growing family. They found their dream house, but they did not have luck their first time.

“Even though we have this house, we been here a couple months now, we still look online to see what’s out there for inventory, and there’s not a lot of houses out there and the ones that are there are going really fast,” Becker said.

The Becker’s saw how fast that home went when they put in two more bids, which were both denied. They did not give up, however, and they finally got accepted after putting in their lucky number three bid.

“What we saw year over year for the month of June was over an $11 thousand price increase,” said Conor Brown of Northwest Illinois Alliance of Realtors. “So, you know, the market here, region, is incredibly healthy. Inventory is one of the continuous stories that it’s so low, so it’s still proving a challenge for buyers.”

Brown said that it is a seller’s market nationally. The market has been cooling down, but the stateline has not seen that cooldown yet.

“Keep in mind, we’re still seeing price increases, we’re still seeing a huge buyer demand despite higher interest rates,” Brown said.

Some advice to new buyers is to have their pre-approval ready, having an open mind and that patience and persistence is key.

“The point that you have to have the pre-approval,” Becker said. “That’s key, but then maintaining the patience, understanding it is a process.”

Homes are spending less time on the market as well. Homes sold in just 15 days on average in June. It usually takes 3 to 5 times longer to sell.