ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Two Rockford nursing homes are facing fines for physical for conditions that violate the Illinois nursing home care act.

The Illinois Department of Public Health released its 2022 second-quarter report on Thursday, showing P.A. Peterson, 1311 Parkview Avenue, and River Bluff Nursing Home, at 4401 N Main Street, are being fined.

PA Peterson was fined $25,000 for a Type A violation after one patient fell off a toilet and fractured his neck, so hard that his head left an imprint on the tile floor.

Type A violation means there’s a strong likelihood that death or serious mental or physical harm to a resident will happen.

River Bluff was fined $500 for prescribing a patient an increase in psychotropic medication, Citalopram, without proper patient consent, and subsequently suffered side effects.

Stephenson Nursing Center, at 2946 South Walnut Road, in Freeport, was fined $2,2000 for not taking appropriate steps to intervene in a wheelchair-bound patient falling and suffering lacerations to her face.