ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford’s Code and Regulation Committee approved an ordinance this week that would allow the city to impound ATVs or dirt bikes after classifying them as “nuisance” vehicles.

The ordinance would order owners of off-road vehicles to register them with the city or face penalties. Driving ATVs on city streets is already illegal.

The ordinance allows the city to tow the bikes from public or private property if they are not registered, and riders will not be allowed to get gas for the vehicles unless they are on a trailer.

Mayor McNamara says the city is taking these steps because the riders are causing major public safety concerns, performing reckless stunts and blocking roads.

In June, police were investigating after a driver was pursued by ATV riders who shot at him on the Whitman Street bridge. The same month, a bike rider shot at a 61-year-old man on College Avenue.

McNamara says often it is too dangerous for police to chase the bikes, which can acheive high speeds and weave in and out of traffic.

“When we have chased ATV’s in the past, they jump curbs, drive through yards, through alleys at high rates of speed and, you know, we never know when a child may be playing in a yard or someone backing out into their alley, and we certainly don’t want to cause further damage or further public safety concerns,” McNamara said.

There is no fee to register the vehicles.

McNamara said he expects the measure to pass the full City Council on Monday night.