ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Sunday was “National Astronomy Day,” and the Discovery Center celebrated with a planetarium show and other space-related demonstrations.

NASA ambassador Sarah Treadwell, aka “Space Case Sarah,” talked about NASA’s plans to send humans to the Moon and Mars. There were other activities too, like designing a Mars rover, creating moon art and learning about telescopes with the Rockford Amateur Astronomers Club.

“I really like to emphasize that we often feel this big separation between us here on Earth and out there is space, and there’s this big disconnect, but that’s totally not true,” Treadwell said. “We are a part of space. We are on Spaceship Earth and we are hurdling through this universe with everything else in space. And, so, I really like to make sure that people understand how close space is.”

“Space Case Sarah” also emphasized how much opportunity there is in the space industry. She encourages kids to explore the world and the universe.