ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital stopped serving patients this week, and many people are now wondering where they can take their pets for medical care.

The animal sanctuary is worried about the animals that are currently in the care of their hospital and the animals who are on critical medication.

“They called me yesterday and told me that they were not be able to do it because they had lost their veterinarian,” said pet owner Steve Kennedy.

Kennedy has two dogs and three cats. He had an appointment for Friday at Noah’s Ark to get one of his dogs spayed when he got an unexpected call.

“It kinda took my breathe away,” Kennedy said. “I thought, you know, ‘man, now I gotta go find someone else,’ and I knew that the prices were going to be higher and I knew that it was going to stretch my budget.”

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary Executive Director Stephanie Lauer said that they decided to make some changes, but not all of the staff were happy.

“Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary decided to transition our hospital into something that is more aligned with our mission, which is obviously population control, taking care of underprivileged animals, and this was a reorganization of our hospital and there were people who didn’t agree with it and so they handed in their resignation,” Lauer said.

Lauer believes that their new plan will work despite this.

“So, now we will transition into more of a, a shelter and rescue type of veterinarian with no client base,” Lauer said.

However, that leaves Kennedy and other clients hunting for a new veterinarian.

“I would like to see them get back in business,” Kennedy said. “Like I said, they’re reasonable and they take care of things pretty well. They took real good care of our kittens.”

A site in Rock Falls offered to care for the animals that are currently at Noah’s Ark and an emergency animal hospital in Beloit will help with any emergency or medication refill.

It is not yet known when Noah’s Ark will reopen.