ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — More than a dozen Ukrainian teens from Rockford’s sister city, Brovary, are in the city for a ten-day visit.

All are traveling with their mothers, while their fathers continue to serve in the military in an army combat zone in Ukraine.

On Thursday, they stopped by the historic Coronado Performing Arts Center, at 314 N. Main Street.

“Maybe someday, when the war will be over, some people from Rockford [will go to] Brovary and see some great places, amazing places, because we also have brilliant culture and also churches, a lot of churches actually. So, I hope some of us, or all of us going to be there,” said Vladyslava Vyzhha.

The families are set to return to Brovary next week.

The relationship between the City of Rockford and Brovary began in 1995 when a soccer team from Kyiv visited Rockford and suggested a sister city arrangement. Brovary is a Kyiv suburb with a population of 85,900.