Rockton Christmas Walk extends the holiday fun


A weekend long celebration Christmas style came to an end today.  The annual Christmas Walk in Rockton  has been a tradition for decades.  But this year organizers decided to add an extra day, and businesses that are normally closed around this time of year stayed open to join in on the extra day of holiday fun.

“We’re trying to come up with ideas to help modernize the Rockton Christmas Walk”, says organizer Trisha Didduck.

The weekend long event had families kicking off the holiday season in downtown Rockton for 34 years. This year organizers were looking for a way to make that fun last even longer by adding an extra day and an extra event.

“a hot chocolate crawl, is kind of a play on a typical pub crawl but something that includes all ages”, Didduck said.
Manager at Dairyhaus Brent Murray said, “it sold out in like 48 hours on the Village’s Facebook so we were really excited to be a stop here on the hot cocoa crawl”.

Despite the snowfall families came by the dozens. All taking their mugs from business to business, filling up and warming up on the hot cocoa.

“My sister’s with me and her sone and my son as well and it’s just a little family outing”, says Megan Sodergren.
Sodergren continues “we drink hot chocolate all the time during the winter, just gets us in the Christmas spirit, holiday mood, and so to try all different kinds is going to be fun”.

Crawlers weren’t getting just the same drink each time either.  Each of the participating businesses put their own spin on the classic winter custom.

 “I’m definitely really excited to check out Fibs, they’re doing a Mexican hot chocolate”, Murray said.
“[We] take Dairyhaus ice cream and instead of freezing it, cooking it so it’s the same quality you get in a scoop just in a hot chocolate varity”, added Murray.

Organizer Trisha Didduck hopes that the extra day of festivities becomes one more attraction for residents and gives them something to look forward to in the winter.

“There’s always something people latch onto and I think the hot chocolate crawl is going to be a new family favorite”, Didduck said.
Didduck continued, “we want it to become a new tradition for the newer Rockton residents and keep families coming back”.

The hot chocolate crawl started with 200 tickets, and Diduck plans to expand that number next year.

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