Rockton Police Officer Saves Suicidal Woman


“I grabbed her, basically by a bear hug, and was able to put my arms around her, and then eventually picked her up over my shoulders and put her down in this area over here,” said Rockton Police Sgt. Justin Jobst, describing the heroic actions he took Tuesday night.

Jobst was responsible for saving a suicidal woman on the Blackhawk Bridge. “It was almost surreal, because these things don’t happen to officers. It seems like it’s always another officer, somewhere else further away,” Jobst said.

He and other officers were called to an apartment complex off North Blackhawk for a suicidal victim. When they got there, a witness told them that a woman was going to jump off the Blackhawk Bridge. That’s when Jobst acted swiftly.

“It happened so fast, I think a lot of my adrenaline rushed in and I didn’t really feel much,” he said. “I feel lucky I feel fortunate, I honestly feel blessed that for whatever reason or reasons I was there at the right particular time and I was able to see her,” he added.

Once Jobst got the woman to safety, another officer rushed in to help. The woman was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. “I think it’s important for people to realize at the end of the day, the bulk majority of all of us in law enforcement and fire departments are wonderful, great people and we truly do care about everybody,” he added.

Jobst has been a Rockton police officer for his entire 14 year career. He’s responded to a few suicidal cases in that time. He does stress that help is just a phone call away.

“If you are feeling perhaps suicidal or not happy with yourself for that particular day, it never hurts to pick up the phone and just call,” he said. “We’re always there 24 hours, 7 days a week to help people out. If you want to just talk about it and have a conversation we’re more than happy to come over and talk to you about it,” he added.

Jobst will be recognized Tuesday with the Police Department Life Saving Award at the Rockton Village Board Meeting.


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