Rockton Residents Upset Over Proposed Asphalt Plant


Rockton Rock Quarry wants to lease a five parcel piece of land, at 11150 North Main Street in Rockton, to a manufacturer, so they can bring an asphalt plant there.

The quarry’s owner, Pam Schlichting, says it would bring a needed service and revenue to the area. She says, “There is not an Illinois based asphalt plant and all of the blacktop is going into Wisconsin.”

Rockton’s zoning board met to decide if they should recommend that the city should vote on it.

It was standing room only at the meeting as residents, who live nearby the proposed plant, voiced their concerns that asphalt production would not a good way to bring revenue to the village.

Resident Ken Wulf says, “Rockton is not that poor that we need to go to this situation to raise revenue.”

Residents objected to the loud noises from the plant, and fear the smell and toxins it produces could become hazardous.

Wulf says, “Areas where asphalt plants have gone in, there’s been a high increase of cancer, skin disease, and it’s just not been good for the residents.”

Resident Dean Lewandowski adds, “I’m really concerned on the long term effects of how its going to affect our children and elderly.”

Officials from the quarry say the noise would not be noticeable. They compare it to a vacuum cleaner from 500 feet away. They say they would work with the EPA to control odors.

Schlichting says, “We have to have seismograph readings [by the EPA], we have to have noise readings, we have to have dust and air readings. We’re obligated to all of that.”

The zoning board decided to layover the vote until their next meeting on July 14th.

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