Salt Trucks Load Up for New Years Eve Weather


Rockford’s Public Works Department has crews on standby to try to make the roads a little safer ahead of the New Year’s Eve celebrations.  

Drivers have been traveling throughout the day on Monday to their New Year’s Eve destinations.  However, the expected treacherous conditions, could cause some dangers.

“It’s really cold for me, I’m from Daytona visiting my family here in Rockford,” said Driver Nancy Boatman. “I left Rockford in 2000, I haven’t driven in ice or snow since then.  I’m going to get home before its gets any colder.”

Because of the predicted messy weather, Assistant Street Superintendent Kwame Calvin says the Rockford Public Works Department is in full on proactive mode.
“Right now, we have all the trucks loaded and ready to go out,” said Calvin.  “We’re prepared to call them in whether we get sleet or now, we may get both.  The trucks are ready and loaded for that.”

As a fleet of salt trucks are on standby, Calvin hopes residents remember the rules of the road.

“Just beware of the changing conditions, you might leave out there now and 35 miles per hour, [after] 15 minutes, you may only go 20 [miles per hour.]” said Calvin.  “A lot of people tend to run into city vehicles, people tend to slide and slip.  We’re urging all the residents to be cautious: Slow down, you’ll get there. Don’t try to get there soon, don’t try to get there fast.”

Icy roads and snow fall makes it tough for drivers to get anywhere.  That’s why a Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy took to Facebook with safety tips.

“One of the things I always suggest, is that you keep something with you in the vehicle, that being kitty litter, sand or salt to throw in front of your driv[ing] Tires to be able to get moving again,” said the Deputy. “Whenever it comes to ice, it doesn’t matter if you have two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, it’s pretty much worthless against ice.”

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