SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — The minister of the Satanic Church of Illinois says he is OK with those who are offended by his church’s display in the Illinois State Capitol rotunda.

“Being offended is something that is more than welcomed for them to be able to do, that is their right, but we have every right to be here and we’re not going to sanitize that message because someone else is offended by that,” Minister Adam said Tuesday.

Adam says the display, which is alongside a Jewish menorah and Christian nativity scene, focuses on banned books.

“So we selected a banned book, Copernicus’ ‘Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres,’ published in 1543 and banned by the Catholic church for over 200 years,” Adam told reporters Tuesday. “This sits on a plinth with a basket of handknit apples as well as a 12-foot crocheted snake.”

Bible teacher and author Bernie Lutchman also addressed reporters at Tuesday’s dedication ceremony.

“Just as political rallies are held here in this space, we too, the people are allowed to express our deepest religious faith,” Lutchman said.

The displays are expected to be up through Jan. 5.