A semi-trailer painted in honor of fallen Rockford Police officer Jaimie Cox has touched hearts as far away as Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to the Jaimie Cox Memorial Facebook page, a resident of Charlotte snapped some photos of the Meiborg Bros., Inc. truck and said:

Hello everyone. I live and work in Concord, NC just outside of Charlotte. During my lunch hour today, I saw this beautiful truck honoring Officer Jaimie Cox. When I got back to my office, I googled his name and read the horrific story about his tragic death. My heart goes out to all his family and friends. I thought it would be awesome for all of you to see this picture I took and to know that people across the country are seeing it. God Bless…

Before he was a police officer and before he put his life on the line to protect and to serve Rockford, fallen officer Jaimie Cox worked at Meiborg Bros Inc. Employees there say they loved Cox as a brother so much that they made a semi truck dedicated to him.