Sentencing Delayed for Man Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Lanair Jones-Sullivan


Demario Thompson was supposed to learn his sentence today for the murdering another man in a Rockford housing project.  Instead, it was delayed. But, not before emotional testimony about the life he took in an instant.

The fate of the convicted 23-year old has been postponed.  The defense attorney asked the judge for more time to evaluate some other documents that may help Thompsons’ case.

“My life has been shattered into pieces, pieces that I will never be able to put back together.” said Mother of murder victim, Lanair Jones.  Stephanie Jones-Sullivan giving her victim impact statement in Winnebago County court and the man who killed her son, sits just a few feet from her.

“Losing my son took everything from me,” said Jones-Sullivan. “It took my security and my innocence, it took my rest and peace.”

The security and innocence was taken away by Demario Thompson.  He shot Lanair Jones-Sullivan, 22, several times, including once in the head, outside Blackhawk courts on 15th avenue last September. 

Prosecutor for the Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office, Tiffany Davis says the victim was unarmed.

“The victim was on the ground trying to crawl away like push with his feet on the ground,” said Davis. “What does the defendant do? [He] Continues to fire gunshots the victim who is unable to move to get away.”

But, instead of learning how long he’ll serve in prison, Thompson’s lawyer asked the to judge hold off on his decision.  On top of the murder conviction,Thompson was found guilty for aggravated discharge of a firearm.  He shot a building and a car.  The defense wanting to see how criminals in other cases have been sentenced for those convictions.  He hopes it’ll minimize Thompson’s prison term.
The judge granted the request.

However, Jones-Sullivan’s three kids will grow up without a father.  And for Stephanie Jones-Sullivan, she’ll never get her son back.

“Because of this horrendous crime, Demario Thompson intentionally inflicted upon my son, Lanair Jones-Sullivan.  Lanair was my son, my first born and he did not deserve to be so cruelly taken,” said Jones-Sullivan.  “I did not deserve to have to live the rest of my life with this pain and without my child.”

Thompson faces a minimum of 45 years in prison.  He could receive natural life.  The postponed sentencing hearing is set to resume on August 16th.

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