Sex offender moves to Beloit on Friday, despite neighbors’ concerns


A convicted child sex offender officially moves to Beloit on Friday.

A Douglas County judge made the decision to place Kenneth Cairns (57) at a halfway house on Euclid Avenue. 

Cairns was convicted on various charges since the 1980’s, ranging from child enticement to sexual assault.

The home on Euclid Avenue is the same as where another sex offender is already living.

Beloit residents and the police department have repeatedly spoken out against the decision. They’re concerned because children live next door to the home. They also say they don’t understand why a man with no ties to Beloit is being placed there.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin lawmakers passed a bill that will stop its courts from placing sex offenders in counties they were not convicted in. 

If the governor signs it, the bill would only allow offenders to be placed in their home county. However, even if the bill is signed, it will not affect Cairns’ placement since his case has already been settled.

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