Shark dies after mechanical error at Ohio aquarium


NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – The Eastwood Mall Aquarium’s main tank is screened off to the public after a mechanical issue left one shark dead this weekend.

Joe Bell, communications director at Cafaro Company, said there was a malfunction in the filtration system for the tank on Saturday.

“Unfortunately, it created an imbalance and lower oxygen level than would normally be acceptable. One shark did die,” Bell said.

Bell said the curator quickly moved other sea life to one of the side tanks.

“If they were showing any signs of distress, he put them in the hospital tank we have on the premise,” Bell said.

Bell commended the curator for the work he does at the aquarium.

“It’s a saltwater tank and it’s difficult to, for a lot of people, to master but he’s pretty good at it. Unfortunately it was a mechanical malfunction that caused that to happen,” he said.

They have since repaired the filtration system, but Bell said they still need to clean the tank and do some other modifications before it opens back up to the public.

He expects the main tank to reopen within a few days.

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