Shooter had bomb-making materials, weapons at home

Micah Johnson Army CNN

During a search of the gunman’s home in Mesquite, Texas, investigators found bomb-making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition and a personal journal of combat tactics, Dallas police said in a statement. Detectives are evaluating the information in the journal.

The gunman had no criminal history, police said.

The statement said at least 12 Dallas officers fired their weapons at the shooter.

Shooter had two guns, sources say

The Dallas shooter had at least two weapons with him, a rifle and a handgun, two law enforcement officials tell CNN’s Evan Perez and Shimon Prokupecz.

One of the officials, familiar with the latest information from the Dallas police investigation, said the long gun was an SKS, a Russian-designed semi-automatic military style rifle.

The other official said Micah Johnson has bought multiple firearms legally in the past.

Two more officers who died are identified

Dallas Police Officer Lorne Ahrens was killed in Thursday’s shootings in downtown Dallas, according to the Washington Post and local media reports. Ahrens was a 14-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, according to media reports.

Dallas police officer Michael Smith was also killed in the ambush, according to CNN affiliate KFDM and local media reports. Smith joined the Dallas Police Department in 1989, according to his sister who spoke to the Beaumont-based station.

The other law enforcement members who were killed were Dallas police officers Michael Krol and Patrick Zamarripa and DART police officer Brent Thompson.

Clinton: This is a call to action

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton what she would do as president to prevent the kind of tragedies such as the one in Dallas.

“We have got to do much more, to listen to one another, respect each other. We have got to do everything possible to, you know, support our police and support innocent Americans who have deadly encounters with the police. This is the kind of call to action and, as president, I would implement the very comprehensive set of proposals that I’ve been making more than a year, including we must do more to have national guidelines about the use of force by police, especially deadly force,” Clinton told CNN.

Sources: Johnson thought to be only shooter

Authorities believe Micah Johnson was the only shooter Thursday night, law enforcement officials briefed by the Dallas police tell CNN’s Evan Perez and Shimon Prokupecz.

On Friday afternoon, Dallas police Chief David Brown suggested that several suspects in custody had a role, too.

“Through our investigation of some of the suspects, it’s revealed to us that this was a well-planned, well-thought out, evil tragedy by these suspects. We won’t rest until we bring everyone involved to justice,” the chief said.

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