Shooters Target Rockford Home Twice


Rockford Police have their eye on what’s proved to be a popular target for gangs.  One particular home on the city’s west side has been shot up not once, but twice recently.

Shots fired are down across the Forest City for the month of June, but police say they’re keeping a close eye on one house that’s become a repeat victim of gunfire.  Investigators say on Elm Street was shot up in the months of May and June.

Nobody was hit during the incidents.

Police believe the shootings are acts of gang retaliation.  They would not release the address of the home, but say they’re working with the landlord and the occupants to prevent it from happening a third time.

“To offer more security to the neighborhood, drilling down, and addressing that issue,” said Asst. Deputy Chief Carla Redd.  “Once again, that bullet doesn’t necessarily hit the intended target and it may end up striking somebody innocent in that home or a neighboring home.”

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them or Crime Stoppers.

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