Sinnissippi’s Festival of Lights Includes a New 9,000 Pound Tree Made Of Tires


As you drive through Sinnissippi Park this holiday season, you’ll see public displays from various businesses for the annual Festival of Lights display. But go just down the hill to lot 56 – you’ll see something big and green!

“I said hey how come we don’t have anything from our company,” says Raquel Estes of Tredroc Tire Services. “So, I said we should put up a tree made of tires.” 

The result is a 9,000 pound Christmas tree filled with every single type of tire Tredroc Tire Services sells, from the biggest to the smallest.

“We hope this is going to inspire the community of businesses let their creative flow get going,” says Estes.

Estes and his family bolted the tires to the ground, just in case of weather. “Not only do we have to worry about the wind, but [also] in case anyone should come through and climb on the structure. [We’ve secured it so that] there’s absolutely no way that tree would come down,” says Terry Estes.

After the holidays are over, Estes hopes they’ll construct another tree again next year. “The tree will be back, and you’ll probably see maybe a few other characters running around the display here,” says Estes.

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