Sisters, 14 and 12, charged with brutally shooting, stabbing mother to death


A 14-year-old girl and her 12-year-old sister are charged with stabbing and shooting their mother to death in Mississippi, as revenge for their punishment for trying to run her over with the family car.

14-year-old Amariyona Hall and her younger sister were arrested late Friday. Hall was charged as an adult in the slaying, which occurred at the family’s mobile home in Magnolia.

There, 32-year-old Erica Hall was found suffering multiple stab wounds and had been shot once in the chest with a handgun.

“They found out the daughters — two teenagers, juveniles — allegedly did it,” Pike County Sheriff Kenny Cotton told the Macomb Enterprise-Journal. “They’re charged with murder and we’re going to apply the law.”

“She was stabbed in the back,” Hall’s aunt, Robin Coney, told WLBT. “The knife was still in her back.”

According to Coney, the girls denied killing Hall, saying, “Tee Tee, we didn’t do this. And I was like, ‘OK, if y’all didn’t do it, where were y’all when the people that was doing it did it?'”

Cotton told the paper that Friday’s murder followed an incident during which the girls tried to run Hall over with the family car, which caused Hall to punish her daughter. Officials believe that is what lead to the vicious assault.

“With something like that, she should have made charges and had them arrested then,” Cotton said.

“It was [Erica’s] gun,” Coney said. “It was her car. So they had got it out. So I guess when they were doing all that to her, she was probably trying to get to her gun to fight for her life.”

Following the killing, police allege that the girls calmly went to a neighbor’s house to ask for a ride because their grandmother just died.

Amariyona is being held on a $150,000 bond at the Pike County Jail. Her younger sister is in custody at the Adams County Juvenile Detention Center.

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