Snow Covered Roads Causing Problems For Stateline Drivers


Mother Nature tightened her icy grip on the Stateline.

Flashing lights and several police cars blocked a portion of 6th Avenue in Rockford Monday morning.  Cars struggled to get through as a sheet of ice covered the road left behind from the inch of snow that fell on Saturday.

Rockford plows plowed and salted, but some roads are still covered in ice because of the colder temperatures.  The salt isn’t working to melt it.  “The melting point is 32” says National Weather Service Meterologist Ricky Castro.  “Salt actually – what it does is it lowers that effective melting point by applying it, but the colder it gets, that effect, it just doesn’t work like that.”

With more snow coming, some area roadways could become more dangerous with slick driving conditions.  Castro says even minor accumulations can cause big problems for drivers.  According to a study from Northern Illinois University, minor weather events are actually deadlier than major winter storms.

“Winter storms – people hear about it and think, ‘oh it’s better to stay home” says Castro.  “When we think about minor here in the Midwest we think, ‘oh we get snow here pretty frequently so you don’t have to be too cautious or anything like that,’ so there’s going to be heavier motor vehicle traffic and possibly more dangerous road conditions.”

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