ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — “Social distancing” but in a fun way. “The Heart Hunters” are creating a scavenger hunt in their community. It’s a worldwide Facebook group that is getting picked up in the Rockford area.

It’s a way that area residents are able to spread love and keep the social aspect without putting each other in physical harm. Stephanie Owens posted her window on the Facebook group and it is getting lots of attention. She says she spent three hours creating it.

Stephanie Owens next to her window

“I want everybody to do it. To show that there are people out there that care and the world is going through a bad thing right now and we want to say ‘hey we’re here. We still love and care for and appreciate you,'” Owens said.

Kids in the Stateline are also getting along. First-grade teacher Sarah Fey at the Holy Family challenged her class to decorate their home windows.


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