Solar Eclipse Takeover At Roscoe School


Some young and very excited Roscoe residents got to see the eclipse today. The students at Roscoe Middle School had their eyes on the sky — with their glasses, of course — to enjoy the rare solar event. Solar Eclipse mania took over the Roscoe school, where everyone participated in activities, from eclipse trivia to using pinhole viewers. School officials know it is a rare, fun, educational event and want to take full advantage of it.

“I think because it is something unusual,” said principal Julie Cropp.  “I think middle schoolers get excited about  anything. So we could either try to fight the day or roll with the day and we decided you know what let’s just make it a great day.”

The students liked the change of pace that the eclipse brought to their school.

“You don’t really have to worry about doing work,” said student Konner Lindquist. “You just get to hang out with your friends, look at the sky and see what a solar eclipse looks like.”

Student Konner Lindquist says he’s glad his school did this for all their students, now he gets to say he saw something that only comes ‘once in a blue moon’.

“You don’t get to see it very often. It’s not an every day thing and it’s really cool that our school would buy us all glasses and let us have fun looking out in the glasses seeing what it would like instead of missing out on it”

His classmate agrees. She feels like she got to take part of something most people don’t experience.

“Because it doesn’t happen so often, it’s nice to get to see it,” said student Emerson Rehnberg. “Where some people never get to see this.”

Now that it’s over, Principal Cropp hopes it’s something the students carry with them for the rest of their lives.

“I hope they really remember that and when  you think back about major events that have happened in your life. You always remember exactly where you were. So when we talk about the next eclipse coming I hope they remember, ‘Oh yeah when I was in middle school, I got to go outside and view that’.”

At the end of the viewing event, a teacher took a panoramic picture of the entire student body from the roof to top off the festivities.

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