Soldier possibly involved in racially-fueled fight at Wrigley Field, says Indiana National Guard


The Indiana National Guard are investigating whether a soldier was involved in a Monday night fight at Wrigley Field in which racial slurs were used.

The brawl happened in the bleachers after the Chicago Cubs’ loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates, on the team’s Hispanic Heritage Day.

One video shows several people involved in a fight, while at least one person shouts racial slurs.

In another video, a man can be seen more clearly shouting racial slurs at another man, while security attempts to break up the fight.

While the Indiana National Guard did not identify anyone in the video, it released the following statement on Wednesday:

The statements made by this individual are not in keeping with the Army Values, and they do not reflect the views or beliefs of the United States Armed Forces, and specifically, the Indiana National Guard.

We take these types of situations very seriously, and the conduct of this individual is unbecoming of a service member.

The Indiana National Guard is conducting a thorough inquiry to determine the details surrounding this incident.

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