SOUTH BELOIT, Wis. (WTVO) — Mid-States Concrete Industries, located at 500 S Park Avenue, has been a major player in local construction for nearly 75 years.

“We couldn’t have gotten to where we’re at today without the hundreds of lives and hearts and families that have put their body and soul and mind and heart into this organization,” said president Hagen Harker. “And that’s the kind of commitment we make to each other and our customers, every day.”

While Mid-States’ has customers all over the region, they’ve worked on local projects like the fieldhouses at Hononegah, Boylan, Guilford, and Auburn High Schools.

“The impact that we’re having on the community, like these school gyms, are going to be standing for years and years,” said marketing specialist Stephanie McCord. “How many kids are going to go through that to grow up, to be whatever they want to be, but they’re standing in a gym or school that we built?”

Mid-States’ VP of Pre-construction, Jeremy Olivotti, says some of the massive buildings can start out very simply.

“Sometimes, it’s a napkin sketch,” he said. “And it can start off just with a couple [of] ideas, a question, ‘Is this something that’s possible?’ We’ve designed thirteen-story buildings based on a napkin sketch.”

There’s a whole team at Mid-States involved in the process, from engineering and design, to marketing and finance, and the physical construction of the buildings.

Olivotti says hiring the right people is what’s kept the family business going for three generations.

“You could have the smartest, most skilled person in the world, but if they don’t come with good character and a lot of love in their heart, it doesn’t work,” he said.

The culture is a big part of why workers say they’ve stayed with the company for so long, as well as the pride in what they do.

“And then, to drive by with my family and show them the buildings that we’ve made…it’s really fulfilling,” said foreman Patrick Yates. “It really gets me in my heart there, to see the reactions on their face and see them say, ‘wow, you really built that?’ Me and this crew!”

Mid-State Concrete Industries says they’re looking for good people. Career opportunities with the company can be found here.


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