South Beloit police are hiring new officers


The South Beloit Police Department is looking for qualified area residents to be the next men and women in blue.

The department is looking to establish a pool of candidates to hire from. This City has just over 8,000 residents and 13 full time officers. The deadline to apply is October 10th.

There are several requirements applicants must meet, including being at least 21 years of age with no felony convictions, who possess a high school degree, among others.

Chief Pat Hoey says the department has already done a lot of new hiring, but will soon move a veteran officer to serve as a school resource officer, which will open up an immediate need to hire a patrol officer.

“I tell you, the ones we bring on are passionate about the job. I’ve been fortunate, just in the last 10 months since I’ve been in South Beloit, we’ve hired three officers and they’re happy to be there. They’re local officers and from the area,” Hoey said.

Testing will take place at South Beloit High School at 9 a.m. on October 20th.

The department plans to hire a few officers in the next two years, depending on retirements.

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