South Beloit Police gets its first detective in nearly two decades

There’s a new sheriff in town, well, a new detective. Detective Paul Reed started from the bottom. Now, he’s serving the citizens of South Beloit by solving crimes. In fact, he’s the only one in the position.
After nearly two decades, the South Beloit Police has a detective.
“I just really enjoy doing investigations,” Detective Reed said. “It’s always just something that has interested me.”
It’s been 20 years since the South Beloit Police Department has had a detective on the force.
Paul Reed’s new job is to put a close to the city’s cold cases.
“Obviously our patrol guys always do a good job, but it’s extremely difficult, if not sometimes impossible, for patrol officers to fully investigate a case,” Detective Reed said.
Detective Reed knows all about being a patrol officer. He’s spent the last 14 years serving the citizens of South Beloit.
“It’s not something that a patrol officer is very well equipped to do and we really have needed a detective,” Detective Reed said.
Reed was promoted to detective in December 2018 and has spent the last five months transitioning into his new role.
“It’s definitely a huge benefit to the community to have a detective that can dedicate the time and resources to investigating their crimes,” Detective Reed said.
He’s been improving the department’s investigations and evidence process and even took a number of investigation classes to prepare for the role.
“I couldn’t tell you the number of cases that I’ve already investigated just since December, but it’s quite a few,” Detective Reed said. “I believe I got in the neighborhood of 16 or 17 at the moment.”
His hard work has really been paying off.
“I’ve got one I’m about to close that I’ve been investigating since December,” Detective Reed said. “We’ve got several that were pending for quite a long time that we’ve been able to get closed.”
Detective Reed says that since his promotion, he’s noticed that victims of crimes are definitely more appreciative of what the department has been doing to try and help them out. Knowing that keeps him motivated to do an exceptional job.

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