South Beloit police officer helps stranded man on his way to job interview


SOUTH BELOIT, Ill. (WTVO) — A South Beloit police officer lent a ride to a man whose car broke down on his way to a job interview. We caught up with the two today to share their story.

What started off as a bad day for one Rockford man ended up taking a turn for the better–thanks to the help of a South Beloit police officer.

“I was on my way to a job interview and I left early enough because it was in South Beloit and I was on the same road that my job was on,” said Rockford resident Darryl Parker.

Parker was eager to head to South Beloit for a job interview, but his day took a quick turn.

“My car decided to stop on me which I later found out was my alternator. Honestly, I was like, ‘I just lost this job because who is going to believe my car just broke down on the way to the job interview.’ That’s real cliche, right?” he explained.

That’s when Parker saw a South Beloit police officer.

“I saw a car his car was broke down and he was standing outside with the hood up. So I did what I would do for anyone else–you pull over. ‘Hey can I help you out a bit,'” said Officer Waylon Weber.

After explaining the situation to Officer Weber, he was determined to help.

“I was like “Look, let’s get you to your interview. When you’re done with your interview here’s my business card. Call the non-emergency line and let me know if you need a ride back to your car. I’ll come back to get you. We’ll get you back to your car,'” said the officer.

Officer Weber drove Parker to his interview, picked him up, and drove him back to his Rockford home. Parker was grateful for the help.

“I do wish to see him again I would love to take him and his wife out for dinner or something like that, that would be great,” said Parker.

“With a lot of the negative stuff that’s come out about police relations and police conduct and stuff like that cross the nation it’s nice and keeps you going because there are people who appreciate even the little things that we do,” Officer Weber added.

Parker says he’s grateful to Officer Weber and hopes his story will show others there’s good people out there.

“This really gives us hope that we don’t all have bad police officers. Some of them are really good some and sometimes people aren’t able to see the good in the police because they see them in a bad light. But this really touched my heart and I appreciate it,” said Parker.

Despite running late for his interview, Parker did get the job! He starts Monday.

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