Speaker Madigan to Blame for Budget Impasse?


It’s been two weeks since the spring session ended at the Illinois capital, with no budget once again.  Voters believe there’s plenty of blame to go around, but a new survey clearly shows who Illinois residents pin much of the responsibility on.

“The cronies, the patronage workers, the bureaucrats, the government insiders, they’re doing well under Speaker [Michael] Madigan,” said Gov. Bruce Rauner (R).  “Speaker Madigan is making millions of dollars from the status quo in Illinois.”

One year later, it’s safe to say that the Governor’s disdain for Madigan hasn’t changed much.

“We have the highest unemployment rate in America now, because Speaker Madigan’s Democrats have controlled the process,” said Rauner.  “We need them to come to the table and get compromises to grow jobs and protect taxpayers.”

Rauner has tried to keep his feet in the sand since taking office to clearly show who’s at fault for the budget mess in Illinois.  A new survey says it’s working, and a lot of people in the Land of Lincoln think his democratic counterpart is the reason Illinois’ financial house is out of order.

“I don’t think it’s going to shock anyone,” said Rep. John Cabello (R).  “You know when you run the house, when you run the senate and no one else can call bills, no one else can control the agenda, it’s going to lie at your feet.”

The Capitol Fax Poll this week says 55% of Illinois voters fault Madigan for the state’s budget mess.  Only 34% place the blame squarely on the 1st term Governor.  Head closer to Chicago and the numbers flip the other way.

So, who’s fault is it?

“To boil it down to just Speaker Madigan and Governor Rauner leaves out the millions of people in the State of Illinois who may need assistance from us,” said Rep. Litesa Wallace (D).  “I hear about how they’re suffering because of this budget impasse and they’re not bringing up Rauner or Madigan. They just want a solution.”

“It’s a political game,” claims Cabello.  “Guess what?  It needs to stop.”

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