SPoRT Makeup gives tribute to the Rockford Peaches

SPoRT Makeup hosted a fundraiser featuring players from the Rockford Peaches women’s baseball team at Crimson Ridge Sunday.
“They didn’t want women playing, they said we didn’t know how to play,” 3rd base for the Rockford Peaches Doris Calacurcio said. “We showed them.”
Doris is a walking history book and pioneer for women’s sports. She played 3rd base during her time with the iconic Rockford Peaches women’s baseball team, the first and only professional sports team for women during the 1940’s.
“The game was just like the boys only,” Calacurcio said. “We were girls, they thought we couldn’t do it, but we should them we could.”
She says her and her team had to earn respect from the baseball fans across the Stateline.
“It took a little while, but we got it. When we started winning, especially in Rockford, Rockford is a tough town to be a loser in, you got to be a winner in Rockford. And when you started winning and you started winning and winning there wasn’t a seat in the stand that wasn’t filled when you started winning and winning. Yup you gotta win,” Calacurcio said.
Now, years later, she says the people who once doubted the Peaches are now singing their praises.
“Didn’t realize it then, but as the time went on we all do now because what do you say now about the Rockford Peaches now? ‘Boy they shine up’ and ‘oh look there’s the Rockford Peaches!’, but where were they when we were losing? You know what I’m saying, but they were very proud of us,” Calacurcio said.
Work is being done to commemorate Doris and the Rockford Peaches with a museum across from the same stadium they once played at.
“As a tribute to the women who played in the League, we’ve came out with SPoRT Makeup to honor these women,” Christine Haeggquist with SPoRT Makeup said.
Exclusively sold at Crimson Ridge, SPoRT Makeup is helping recognize their legacy.
“We are owned by the IWBC, the International Women’s Baseball center, we are trying to raise the money to build the museum across from Byer Stadium,” Haeggquist said.
When looking back, despite the challenges as a woman, Doris says at the end of the day, it was all worth it.
“I’m glad I did what I did. A lot of people come in and say now ‘oh I was there and you girls were really good.’ We hear that all the time now and it makes you feel good, makes you feel good,” Calacurcio said.
To support the Rockford Peaches and other women athletes who helped pave the way, visit Crimson Ridge and purchase SPoRT Makeup. Every dollar goes to help build the women’s baseball museum.

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