Star Wars Release Raising Excitement in Stateliners


The force is back.

That’s right. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to be released in theaters across the world this week. Stateline theaters will start showing the movie Thursday at 7 PM.

And millions are expected to cross the movie off their list. It will be the first release of a Star Wars movie in over ten years, and it marks over 32 years since the last release from the original trilogy.

The release has millions of people across the world excited, including many Stateliners.

“I’d say that pretty much everybody is pumped. There are a couple cases like me that are cautious about it, but for the most part, people are just absolutely ready for this,” Top Cut Comics Manager Mike Lamps says.

The excitement is leading to some increases in local Star Wars memorabilia sales at some Stateline shops. One of those is Toad Hall in Rockford.

“I’ve seen excitement in a lot of people coming through the store. I’ve seen friends, coworkers, and just customers coming in looking for cool Star Wars stuff,” says Toad Hall manager and owner, Nick Naruz.

The movie is not only exciting fans of the famous trilogy. It is giving an iconic American entertainment company a reason to celebrate as the movie has already surpassed the $100 million mark in advance ticket sales. Experts are expecting the movie to shatter multiple records once it hits theaters.

“There’s some talk that this movie may break records for an opening weekend. Certainly will likely break the record for the most people to see a movie in the month of December on an opening weekend and we’re really excited about that,” says AMC Spokesperson Frank Ybarra.

After the movie hits theaters, there will be locations that play it for periods of 24 hours straight to accompany as many avid Star Wars fans as possible.

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