State Police and IDOT Conduct Speed Survey at Winnebago Corners


David Kueking takes US Highway 20 everyday while traveling to Freeport, to go to work. The Rockford native says cars travel much faster than the highway’s posted 65 mile per hour speed limit.

He adds, “Police are everywhere out here. I don’t know why there’s problems at this intersection.”

But there have been several accidents at Winnebago Corners, including one in 2014, when a truck failed to brake in time as the light turned red.

Local motorist Jace Warkentien uses extra caution at the Corners. He says, “If I take a left turn, or [am] going straight, I wait and look both ways when the light turns green, to see if everyone stopped.” 

Illinois State Police are taking notice of the accident-prone intersection. They are starting a speed study with IDOT this week that will survey cars  from the Corners to the US 20 and Pecatonica Road intersection.

Lieutenant Carl Heintz from Illinois State Police says, “If we see our average speed at 75 [instead of 65], then IDOT, I’m sure, and [myself are] going to say it’s a matter of enforcement here, before we should entertain dropping the speed limit.”

Lt. Heintz says lowering the speed limit to 55 miles per hour would help reaction times for drivers approaching the stop light.

Kueking agrees, but believes accidents will continue to pile up as long as drivers are distracted.

He says, “It doesn’t matter if you’re holding a phone, or hands free, you’re thinking about what you’re saying and not thinking about driving.”

The speed study will run until the middle of June.

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