Stateline Cares Telethon


UPDATE: We raised $70,790 for the Red Cross!  Thank you Stateline!

After the flooding that we dealt with here back in July–many were eager to pitch in and donate to those in need down south.  That includes an anonymous donor who is matching every individual donation.

Total costs for hurricanes Harvey and Irma now estimated between $150 to $200 billion.  The red cross pouring volunteers into both areas, including many from the Stateline. 

Lisa La Sala, Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Northwest Illinois said, “We have 70 Stateline volunteers deployed.  Tomorrow we’re gonna add another 5 to be deployed, and this is gonna be an ongoing basis.  We will continue to deploy people well into the new year with all the devastation that has taken place.”

The flooding down south isn’t too unfamiliar to those in the Stateline area, as northern Illinois dealt with its own flooding just over a month ago.  La Sala says many of those affected by the floods that took place in Stephenson county, have made donations during our Stateline Cares hurricane relief drive, as they can only imagine how worse the conditions are for those down south.

La Sala said, “I think that since we in the Stateline have gone through some significant flooding, people are more aware of the devastation that it causes and are really stepping forward to help those across the country.”

La Sala says caller frequency has increased going through the day, especially when people realize each donation has twice the impact.  That’s because an anonymous donor will match every dollar up to 50,000 dollars.

La Sala added, “This is a great way for our Stateline to support those that have been affected.  A couple months ago we were affected here in Freeport and Pearl City by the flooding and we had Red Cross volunteers from all over the country come and support us, so I think it’s our turn to help those in need.”


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