Stateline Covered in Heavy Fog, Drivers Worried for Safety


Those traveling through the Stateline on Monday faced a major driving hazard, thick fog.  Drivers forced to slow down and drive defensively, when visibility dropped to just a few hundred feet. Travelers say most of them driving in tough conditions had them on edge.

“”I’m from California and we don’t have this kind of weather,” said semi-truck driver Nerver Hernandez.

The kind of weather with dense fog, gloomy and overcast.  A curtain of fog covering the Stateline.  Cars go in, their lights disappear seconds later.

“I’ve spent six hours on the road now so far. It’s just horrible, miserable,” said Driver Cassie Goldman.

Marcia Nickles says other drivers didn’t help matters either.

“[A] few were traveling without their lights on,” said Nickles.  “So, basically you could see a car in front of you but not much too further.”

“No.  Some cars no lights,” said Goldman.  No lights [on] at all. So it’s a little difficult.”

Car lights on the expressway, seemingly popping up out of nowhere.  “I think it’s very dangerous to drive,” said Hernandez.  “Semi’s are driving a lot better tonight,” said Goldman.

Instead of trying to navigate through the fog, a line of semi-trucks and their drivers lined up and parked at the Belvidere Oasis.  For others ,like Hernandez, an opportunity to rest up.

“I have to drive more than 200 miles today,” said Hernandez.  As a person who drives for a living,. Hernandez has some tips.

“With the conditions, it’s better to rest, if you feel tired, take a nap then keep driving and that’s the best way to [be] safe on the road,” said Hernandez.

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