Stateline Cubs Fans Celebrate The World Series With A Permanent Mark


What is more memorable than the Cubs winning the World Series? How about a tattoo on the ankle to remind you when the Cubbies won it all. “Go Cubs Go, I can’t wait,” said Kristin Hagenlocher who was getting her permanent memento, a tattoo of the Cubs logo, done today at Odds & Ends Tattoo parlor. The decision was made after a bet that her mom Jan started with her coworkers at Swedish American Hospital.

“One of the escorts at the hospital and I, about three years ago, were talking if the Cubs ever win the World Series, said lets get tattoos, we never thought the cubs would be in the World Series,” Jan Hagenlocher said. “When they finally did it, we said let’s do it!,” she added. Six Swedish American members and volunteers in total were in the pact, and none of them seemed to regret it, even first timer Tom Hinz.

“I’m not going to be disappointed getting this tattoo no,” said Hinz. “I’m kind of nervous like the rest of the gang, but I’m going to go through with it,” he added.  “People here today have no idea what it’s going to be like, they are a little nervous about it, I think in the long run they’ll like it when it’s all done,” said Jan Hagenlocher

Taking after her mom, Kristin was all smiles after knowing that the Cubbie ‘C’ had a permanent place on her body. “I’m happy with the result yes, very happy!,” she said.  Tom however, was still trying to make his mark.
“Still hasn’t hurt yet,” he said after the final preparations were made to have the Cubs logo put on his arm.


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