Stateline in Need for Rain to Combat Drought Effects


The Stateline is dealing with the exact opposite problem, than the southern part of the country by not getting enough rain.  The lack of rain has taken a toll on farmers and it hasn’t been any easy month for resident’s yards either. A lot what used to be green land, now looks a little less bright.

Owner at Lawn Care by Walter, Mark Walter reflects on the lack of rain in the area. “We really do need it,” said Walter.

The entire Stateline showing the colors of dry.  Brown and faded green hues covering lawns and acres of crops.  Heavy rains in July which produced flooding in some areas, drying up in August and September.

Winnebago and Boone County Farmers Bureau, President Richard Bueth says the drought has had a steep impact on crops.

“We’ve only had six-tenths of an inch of rain since the first of August,” said Bueth.  “Ordinarily, we’d like to get an inch of rain a week for our crops.”

Bueth says the dry weather has done a number on the crops and even more so, on the price at which they’re sold.

“[It’s] very very discouraging,” said Bueth. “Not only to see the dry weather, but to see the price were going to get to go even lower.”

As the lack of rain continues, there’s also not as much of a need to take care of one household chore.

“That’s one thing, everyone was mowing two times a week, now they’re mowing once every couple of weeks.,” said Walter. He says there have been high dew points and humidity. Because of that, Walter’s crews have been coming across another drought related issue.

“We’re seeing a lot of fungal growth,” said Walter. “Different diseases within the turf grasses and again, some of the trees and shrubs too.”

Walter suggests that residents need to be watering their grass or set their irrigation systems at optimal times, as summer turns to fall.

“Put your lawn to bed going into winter as healthy as we can,” said Walter. “And it will help get through the winter months and survive and get started to a good start in the spring time.”

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