ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The stay-at-home order can be quite the challenge in keeping kids engaged and having them have fun while at the same maintaining their social distance.

One Stateline mother felt the challenge and decided to do something about it. Local mom, Erin Sturm designed her website Stateline Kids to be a central resource for parents to find kid-friendly activities across the Stateline.

The site typically focuses on fun events families can attend but now Strum is sharing activities that can be done at home like the great 815 Easter Egg Hunt.

“I wanted to help other businesses, especially ones that have family oriented-services that are not currently open right now, be still be able to connect with the families and be able to show them that ‘Hey, we’re still here, we still care about you guys, and when we open back up we’d like to see you. And here’s something fun you can do at home while you’re at home waiting,” Stateline Kids founder, Erin Sturm said.

On the website, there are 20 different egg templates to choose from. The idea is to print one off color in it and hang it on a window in your house. That way families can see them when they’re walking or driving while at the same time practicing social distancing. Rachel Wilson, is the the parent of 5-year-old Eden and says this is a fun holiday alternative.

“Obviously, our normal Easter festivities have to be put on hold. So just something to kind of brighten their day when they’re out and about and trying to get the community engaged too,” Rachel Wilson said.

There is also a new series of virtual playdates on the website. Strum says representatives from local organizations are creating entertaining and educational videos for kids to watch.

She says that any local business interested in being a part of a virtual playdate can reach out to her through email or Facebook.