Stateline Organizations Vow to Help Animals Affected by Hurricane Harvey


The overwhelming flooding in Texas has caused some people to lose their pets or sadly, abandon them.  Hundreds of animals are being rescued from the high water every single day.  Two Rockford area organizations are vowing to help with those efforts.

Hurricane Harvey and the tropical storm that followed have impacted the lives of Texans and their furry family members. The scene in Texas has been animal rescue, after rescue.  Dogs varying in sizes of small to large, and even some horses, need saving.  Dogs were seen tethered to guard rails, while others were left in submerged homes. 

Some Stateline organizations, like Operation Bring the Animals Home, are banding together to bring relief to the animals of Southeast Texas, that mother nature left behind.

Ciara Dallas is a volunteer with Operation Bring the Animals Home.  She says they are planning a trip to Texas, in order to bring animals that are now in Texas shelters back to Stateline shelters and places like Noah’s Ark.

“We do not leave, until our job is done.” said Dallas.

Also looking to fulfill the mission of the organization by teaming up with Rockford’s Noah’s Ark to collect pet food and supply donations. 

President of PAWS in Rockford, Sue Golan, says they are also planning to bring animals back to the Stateline,  through the Wings of Rescue Organization.

“They would have 100 crates of animals that are taken out of different shelters and rescues that are in Texas,” said Golan.  “[In order] to clear out the way for all these animals, that need rescue and that have nowhere to go.”

Ciara Dallas is volunteers because she knows animal shelters in Texas are overwhelmed.

“You could save so many more people and animals with more man-power behind them.” said Dallas.

Manager at Noah’s Ark, Stephanie Lauer says coming together is what is going to help.

“It is bigger than just us here,” said Lauer. “It is looking out for the animals down there as well.”

Donations are welcome to be dropped off on Friday at Paws on Cherryvale Mall Dr. on Friday at 2pm. Noah’s Ark will be taking donations at their location 111 N 1st St.

Monetary donations can be made at the Greater Good website. Donations to help fund the flights through the Wings of Rescue can be made here.

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