Stateline Residents React To President Trump’s Proposed Health Care Act


There was a packed house at Katie’s Pie Shop in Rockford Thursday night. People gathered to voice their opposition to the proposed American Health Care Act, brought to the table by President Donald Trump.

“We are here to celebrate a statewide movement, where we are all saying no to the repeal of Obamacare,” Rockford resident Michael Smith .

Smith and many others in attendance are a part of the Indivisible Movement, a movement aimed at resisting President Trump’s agenda. They gathered to write letters to 16th District Congressman and Republican, Adam Kinzinger, urging him to vote against the AHCA.

“We want him to hear that more people are not for the repeal of Obamacare,” Smith said. “Yes, it sounds like a good idea to somebody, but for most of us it’s not a good idea. It will impact way too many people,” he added.

“To me it’s RINO care, because it’s for the Republicans name only, it’s the Obamacare 2.0,” said Belvidere resident and Tea Party Member, Michael Mattus. The Northern Illinois Tea Party met Thursday night at the Greater Rockton Community Center. The group just last week went to Washington, to rally in support of Trump and his agenda.

Mattus however, wants Obamacare to go, but thinks the new plan is not the solution. “It’s Obamacare light, they need to scrap the whole thing and do it over again,” Mattus said.

The Republicans have concluded their negotiations and The House Of Representatives is set to vote Friday.

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