Stateline Residents Rush to Stores for Snow Storm Items


For hours the parking lots were filled and a constant flow of people were seen going into grocery stores in the Stateline. Most residents were seeking last minute items to prepare for the snow storm.

Lines of grocery carts that were packed with food and rolled out of the store, not a parking spot to be found.  Stateline residents stocked up to brace for a snowstorm they haven’t seen in quite some time.

“People are buying a lot of water, thawing salt is really hot right now, going through pallettes of that,” said Woodman’s Manager Kyle Meehan.  We sold out of all our shovels, anything snow related we’re out of.. [it’s been] high volume today [and]  busy trying to get people out of here in a timely and efficient manner.”

Woodman’s saw an influx of last minute shoppers trying to be prepared, like Amy Parrinello.  “I have salt for the driveway of course,” said Parrinello.  “I’m just at Woodman’s grabbing a couple of things so I don’t have to go out tomorrow in the snow.”  Shoppers went through aisles looking for staple items, things they believe they’ll need to bare through the cabin fever, they may have.

“The essentials, milk and few things for the kids,” said Parrinello. However, there are those who are all ready and excited for what’s to come, like Jill Torjniar.

“I bring the shovel inside so I have it at the ready when I need it,” said Torjinar. “I’m excited about the snow we’re going to get and I hope we get all of it they say and even more.”

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