Stateline Residents Take Advantage Of Cooler Weather


Gates were closed and not a soul was to be found at Magic Waters Waterpark Friday. It was an unusual sight for early August. The same trend happened at all Rockford Park District pools due to unseasonably cool temperatures. They topped out at 73 degrees, which is ten degrees cooler than what’s typical this time of year.

“It was very chilly and it was very overcast,” said Rockford resident Tracey Menge. “It is August 4th and the pools shouldn’t be closed but we went up to Noah’s Ark last week and the one day we went it was frigid,” she added.

Residents were unable to take a dip, but downtown Rockford however was a different story. Large crowds came out of the water work after the sun finally came out of hiding, to visit popular events like City Market and ‘Shop the Blocks.’

“This is awesome, it’s when Rockford comes alive,” Eleanor Boersma added. “It almost feels like a real city, real people, and real businesses going on,” she added.

Boersma owns the White Light Mercantile, a boutique just a couple blocks away from City Market.
She held her grand opening just a month ago and took part in her very first ‘Shop the Blocks.’ She wasn’t concerned about the early chill. In fact, she believes it helped.

“It’s beautiful out right now it’s kind of perfect, not too hot, not too cold, no rain, it’s an awesome day,” she added. Friday was Tracey Menge’s first trip to City Market. She thought about skipping it this week, but is glad she didn’t.

“It couldn’t be better, I mean you’ve got the blue sky and the clouds,” Menge said. “It’s just a perfect atmosphere for coming and enjoying  music, and people watching, and it’s just really nice,” she added.

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